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Human + machine

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Damon Williams
Chief Executive Officer
RBC Global Asset Management

Damon Williams:
I think we have a deep belief in this organization that the combination of human plus machine is superior to human alone or machine alone. And therefore, what we're trying to do is have smart people follow sound investment processes and amplify their talents with the best tools available, which are constantly changing, and reinvest in those tools to continue to give our investment teams the best edge possible in an incredibly and increasingly competitive market.

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Dagmara Fijalkowski
Senior Vice President & Senior Portfolio Manager,
Head of Global Fixed Income and Currencies
RBC Global Asset Management
(Toronto, Canada & London, UK)

Dagmara Fijalkowski:
The reason we started looking at different systems that could help us manage money is that we really want to identify all sources of risk in the portfolio. There is this maxim that I’ve learned a long time ago in business school: “what gets measured gets managed.” And I truly believe in it. So, we never want to be taken by surprise by performance of our fund. And you’re taken by surprise if you didn't identify all the risk.

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Habib Subjally
Senior Portfolio Manager & Head of Global Equities
RBC Global Asset Management (UK) Limited

Habib Subjally:
A lot of the things that were considered judgements in the past no longer have to be judgements, now we have the data, we have the science, we know what is the right course of action. Human beings have selectively poor memories, as my wife keeps telling me, but machines remember. So, for example, every single judgement we have made on a stock for the last 10 and a half years is recorded in a database. So we can then go back to that database and see what decisions worked, which ones didn’t.

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Eric Lascelles
Chief Economist
RBC Global Asset Management

Eric Lascelles:
We help other people manage money and we also communicate those thoughts to clients and so, in terms of how we help portfolio managers it really comes down to often setting a baseline of knowledge of what’s happening out there in the world, in the bigger picture, be it the global growth trend or the central bank story or other fundamentals like that, and often that won’t be their central investing strategy but it’s something that’s useful to know as a backdrop for those decisions.

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Stu Kedwell
Senior Vice President & Senior Portfolio Manager
Co-Head of North American Equities
RBC Global Asset Management

Stu Kedwell:
It’s not just the global presence, but it’s the commitment to all the tools that a global asset manager needs to perform. Whether or not it’s a quantitative model being at the top end of the game, a fundamental analysis and the commitment to that around the world, technical analysis, you name the tool as an asset manager and we have a good deep bench of those tools available to us.

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