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Terms and conditions for Canada

Annual and semi-annual reports and financial statements include management discussion of fund performance, economic outlook, and details of fund portfolios.

The simplified prospectuses offer general investing information and fund overviews including investment strategies, risks of investing in each fund and portfolio sub-advisor details. In the annual information forms, you'll find the date each fund was established and material changes relating to the funds in the last 10 years.

Simplified prospectus Annual information forms Date
RBC Funds
RBC Funds and RBC Private Pools June 27, 2019
PH&N Funds
PH&N Funds June 27, 2019
PH&N Funds - Amendment No. 1 July 10, 2019
Corporate Class Funds
RBC Corporate Class Funds October 25, 2018
RBC ETFs Prospectus - Active ETFs April 25, 2019
RBC ETFs Prospectus - Active ETFs May 23, 2019
RBC ETFs Prospectus - Index ETFs August 16, 2019

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