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Dagmara Fijalkowski
Managing Director, Senior Portfolio Manager & Head of Global Fixed Income & Currencies

I joined as the first ever fixed income analyst hired by RBC GAM. At that time, we had three portfolio managers. I was the first analyst. Since then, in fairly quick order, we started adding to our capabilities.

Andrzej Skiba
Head of U.S. Fixed Income,
RBC Global Asset Management (U.S.) Inc.

We have seen tremendous growth across the platform. We now manage more than $100 billion of assets. We have more than 135 investment professionals across our teams stewarding close to 50 specific investment strategies with local presence in 13 countries1

Soo Boo Cheah
Managing Director & Senior Portfolio Manager, Global Fixed Income & Currencies
RBC Global Asset Management (UK) Limited

So on our team we cross-pollinate skill and knowledge among the experts in Toronto and in London. And many of our portfolios are structured in a way to foster and nurture collaboration. You take our global corporate bond fund as an example. We have a high yield team and our foreign exchange team and a portfolio engineers [team] in Canada, and then the emerging market, investment grade corporate and the rates team.

Dagmara Fijalkowski
Managing Director, Senior Portfolio Manager & Head of Global Fixed Income & Currencies

The three main pillars are first a team approach. Second, careful risk analysis, which relies on scenario analysis. And third, an extended time horizon to align the way we make investment decisions with the time horizon of our clients who save for longer term goals.

Kristian Sawkins
Managing Director & Senior Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income

We've created a fund offering menu that is more varied and it allows our clients to pick and choose from different funds that have different risk reward characteristics. And thanks to having the global asset management capabilities that we do, we're able to bring all of these in house to our domestic client base.

Bryan Mascoe
Managing Director & Senior Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income

And if they were to look behind the scenes at what we do at RBC GAM, I think they would be impressed by the amount of thoughtfulness and effort that goes into each decision we make.

1These numbers reflect the AUM and number of investment professionals, locations and strategies of the BlueBay fixed income team, as of September 30, 2023