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Led by Michael Kitt, Head of Real Estate Equity Investments, the RBC Real Estate Team provides clients with access to a distinctive portfolio of high-quality Canadian commercial real estate assets. Based in Toronto, Canada, Michael brings more than 25 years of global real estate investment and development experience to our team.

“Our focus is to deliver unique investment solutions that provide investors with direct access to diversified, high quality Canadian core real estate. We seek to provide strategies that deliver attractive and predictable income, strong total returns, limited volatility and low correlation to other asset classes that can serve as the cornerstone of any private market allocation and strengthen the risk / return attributes of their long term investment strategy.” Michael Kitt Head, Real Estate Equity Investments


We invest in high quality assets that are diversified by geography, sector, tenants, and local economic factors to mitigate concentration risk.


Decisions are underpinned by in-depth analysis.

Long-term performance

We focus on a long-term strategic plan to maintain and create sustainable income growth and value.

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)

Asset analysis embedded in the investment process considers various ESG factors relevant to real estate assets.

Understanding risk

We tap into our deep market insight to appropriately price and incorporate risk into every asset decision in a portfolio.

The investment process is driven by both top down and bottom up analysis and reinforced by constant monitoring of our existing assets.

Portfolio Analysis
Our portfolios are constructed based on a well-diversified mix of asset type and geography with long-term target weightings based on expected risk-adjusted return analysis. Market research is conducted on an ongoing basis to support informed portfolio decisions within the target ranges.

Investment Analysis
Each asset held within our portfolios or considered for new investment undergoes rigorous analysis to ensure that only high quality properties that are consistent with our portfolios targets are included in our portfolios.

Performance Monitoring
Each asset held within our portfolios is individually monitored in all aspects of its performance and then collectively the portfolio results as a whole are similarly monitored.

Low relative volatility compared to public markets and non-domestic real estate markets
Potential for attractive risk-adjusted total returns
Operating income providing yield that is linked to long-term domestic inflation
Low correlation to other asset classes

Taken together, these qualities may make core real estate an attractive opportunity worthy of consideration in prudently diversified portfolios.

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