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Based in Toronto, Canada, our team has a long track record of successfully managing North American equity portfolios. We invest in the funds we manage alongside our clients. Thirteen members of the team were selected as 2020/2021 TopGun Investment Minds of the Year by Brendan Wood International. Stu Kedwell was selected as number one TopGun Investment Mind of the Year.* We’ve been honing our practices and processes since 2002, drawing on lessons from our past and the habits of successful money managers.

  • Collegial, systematic, iterative and repeatable
  • We are strongly committed to understanding a wide variety of outcomes for the stocks we follow, based on scenario analysis leading to favourable risk/reward trade-offs, and delivering strong risk-adjusted results over the long-term


We use an initial checklist that rewards characteristics that many good stocks have in common while penalizing those that many likely poor performers share.

Fundamental analysis

We use fundamental analysis to focus on good quality companies with attractive returns on capital and appropriate financial and operating leverage.


We understand a range of fundamental scenarios for each position and avoid anchoring positions around a single forecast.

Technical analysis

We have a strong appreciation for technical analysis, utilizing both absolute and relative strength as a foreshadowing of potential shifts in the stock market.


We construct the portfolio to reward good stock selection and avoid heavily relying on the correctness of a strong point of view.

Decision-making process

Our decision-making process is ongoing and constantly circling through the process. 

Portfolio positioning – structured according to opportunity

We think about companies in three buckets: those with stable cash flow, higher growth than their peers and sensitivity to the business cycle.

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Companies that pass our “good company” checklist are put on this grid. We build portfolios from the “Opportunity” and “Fairly Valued” boxes, which include companies trading at below-average valuations on pessimistic earnings valuations. We avoid companies trading at a high multiple on an optimistic earnings outlook, as there often isn’t much upside optionality available.

Forward Earnings

Valuation Range

Below average Average Above average
Optimistic case Caution
Base case Fairly Valued
Pessimistic case Opportunity

Fair value generally grows with passage of time unless buiness is facing structural or competitive decline

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Funds we manage (45)

*Brendan Wood International – TopGun Investment Minds are selected by sell side analysts, sales executives and traders in the investment industry. For more information, see: https://topgunpress.com/topgun-investment-minds-and-buy-side-traders-of-canadian-stocks-20202021/

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Managing people's wealth is a privilege. Our commitment to investors is personal, and we take that duty seriously.

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