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The RBC Global Fixed Income and Currencies Team manages a broad range of global fixed income products. The team evaluates opportunities in global bond and currency markets by utilizing a proven investment process with a robust risk-management culture. We aim to build resilient portfolios that deliver consistent returns over the market cycle and preserve capital.

  • We take an active-management approach with a long-term investment horizon, aiming to deliver consistent returns and preserve capital over the market cycle.
  • We use a team-based approach in order to provide our clients with the full depth and breadth of our combined expertise and to ensure continuity in the event of management turnover.
  • We rely on intensive fundamental credit analysis of our credit team who also leverage the insights and capabilities of the firm’s equity teams.
  • We diversify globally in order to lower volatility and access more opportunities for earning excess returns (alpha).
  • We aim to outperform our funds’ benchmarks over a full market cycle through smart portfolio construction, tactical asset allocation, credit and security selection, as well as active currency and duration management.
  • We pay particular attention to portfolio construction and position sizing making sure that risks taken are proportional to opportunities available in the market at any given time.
  • We de-emphasize forecasting as an investment tool in favour of building portfolios which are resilient in a range of economic and market scenarios.
  • We believe that hedging foreign-currency risk is essential in core investment grade global bond portfolios.
  • We incorporate review of environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks into our investment process, believing that these factors are relevant to a complete assessment of credit risk and value of securities.

Multi-layered approach

We rely on a multi-layered approach that is methodical, consistent and empirical.

Top down perspective

We consider global fiscal & monetary conditions in relation to regional economic growth & inflation projections.

Bottom up security selection

The relative value of individual securities is assessed by a team of Portfolio Managers and Credit analysts who incorporate in depth industry/sector analysis.

Opportunistic credit use

We tactically manage allocations to various credit markets such as high yield and emerging market debt in line with risk/reward opportunities available.

Scenario Analysis

Rather than building portfolios for a single forecast, we conduct multiple scenario analyses in order to understand and compare potential outcomes and risk return profiles of our funds.

Foreign Exchange

We manage foreign-currency risk by hedging passive currency exposures back into Canadian dollars, and actively managing overlay positions to enhance returns.

Extended time horizon

We evaluate market opportunities for an 18-36 month time horizon which allows us to take advantage of market volatility.

Multiple strategies

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Tactical asset allocation

  • Gov't vs. credit
  • HY, EM Sov
  • EM Corp
  • Preferred bonds
  • Provincials
  • EMFX

Interest rates

  • Duration
  • Yield curve
  • Regional allocation
  • X-country trade
  • Inflation-linked bonds


  • Sector
  • Quality
  • Credit curve
  • Security selection


  • Hedging
  • Dynamic hedging
  • Overlay
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