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Based in London, U.K., our team focuses on evaluating European businesses by applying a rigorous fundamental research process. Our goal is to identify companies that have demonstrated an ability to achieve long-term economic growth and consistent results. We manage a number of equity strategies including:

  • Core equities
  • Dividend equities
  • Mid-cap equities

We focus on companies with high and sustainable levels of profitability and low capital intensity.

We seek to create value for investors beyond earnings per share growth, placing a greater emphasis on long-term value compounding instead of short-term valuation arbitrage.

We take a skeptical attitude that is not afraid to challenge the status quo.

We invest in quality companies using an active, bottom-up investment process.

Economic value creation

We focus on economic value creation over and above EPS growth.


We rely on a methodical and consistent empirical approach.


We favour companies that adhere to good environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices, believing that these factors are relevant to a company’s risk/return profile and have a bearing on its long-term profitability and sustainability.


We favour long-term compounding opportunities over short-term price targets.

Capital light

We focus on highly profitable companies with low asset intensity.

2nd largest single market in the world (US $17 trillion)

500 million people

Strong historical dividend culture

Geographic and sector diversification from a number of distinct economies

Home to well-established top companies in numerous industries

Research process supports our investment philosophy

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Long term

  • Take a long-term perspective (sell side analysis usually base their analysis on short-term drivers


  • Take an international perspective
  • Identify investable themes
  • Leverage knowledge and expertise through ongoing team discussions


  • Focus on the quality of management
  • Checklist approach

ESG factors

  • Focus on key aspects of a business that are often overlooked
    Learn more about how the team integrates ESG into their investment process.
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Our story

Managing people's wealth is a privilege. Our commitment to investors is personal, and we take that duty seriously.

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