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Based in Hong Kong, our team is made up of 12 investment professionals. We take a long-term perspective based on an industry focus across the region. We invest in quality companies using an active, bottom-up investment process. Our goal is to identify companies that can outpace market expectations and deliver:

  • High and/or improving return on capital
  • Strong balance sheets
  • Consistent cash-flow generation


We favour companies that adhere to good environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices, believing that these factors are relevant to a company’s risk/return profile and have a bearing on its long-term sustainability.


We recognize that short-term market shocks can create opportunities to buy companies at a significant discount to what we assess is the fair value of the underlying business.

Long-term perspective

We take a long-term perspective based on industry focus across the region.


Through high-conviction stock selection, we aim to build portfolios that generate differentiated excess returns over time.


We rely on a methodical and consistent empirical process designed with a longer-term view.

Our approach to incorporating ESG factors isn’t just one step in our investment process – it’s embedded throughout. To do this, we access and analyze information from a broad array of sources, including external data providers and, more importantly, on-the-ground channel checks. The data gathered from these sources can be both quantitative and qualitative. We believe that incorporating ESG factors will allow for more robust risk assessments on a stock and portfolio level.

ESG is key to our fundamental, active investment management


Key activities
  • Proprietary quant process/tools
  • Accounting quality screens
  • In-house audit/quant specialists
  • 3rd party research (GMT, MSCI ESG, HOLD Risk, Sustainalytics)
  • Aggressive accounting
  • Sustainability of cash flows


Key activities
  • In-house research notes and robust checklist with explicit commentary on ESG
  • 3rd party data specializing in ESG (e.g. past several years of company’s litigations or media coverage)
  • Holistic, thorough, consistent process
  • Long-term view


Key activities
  • Company meetings/calls
  • On-the-ground channel checks
  • Sector specialist team structure/discussions
  • Interviews (e.g. industry experts, regulators, competitors, local investors)
  • Industry/company specific ESG perspective

Entire investment process. Each and every investment team member

Source RBC GAM

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