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RBC Vision Funds are appropriate for investors who would like to align their investments with specific ESG preferences and apply ESG-related screens to exclude certain issuers from the investment universe.

ESG Screening and Exclusion

Applying negative screens to exclude assets from the investment universe.

There are two categories of RBC Vision Funds.

1. Core funds apply a broad-based multi-factor ESG exclusionary screen to exclude assets from the investment universe, stemming from a certain principle or set of values.

Adult entertaiment






2. Fossil fuel free funds1 apply an ESG exclusionary screen in order to exclude issuers involved in extracting, processing and transporting fossil fuels.

Oil & Gas

Thermal Coal

1 Please refer to the relevant prospectus for more information.

RBC Vision Funds investment principles

The RBC Vision Funds Investment Principles set out the screening criteria used to assess theenvironmental, social and governance (ESG) practices of issuers. Issuers that do not meet the screening criteria may be placed on an exclusion list, which is a list of companies whose securities cannot be held in RBC Vision Funds.2

2 An RBC Vision Fund may from time to time depart from its exclusion list(s) when RBC GAM has determined that it would be in the best interest of the fund to do so, such as when RBC GAM has identified inaccuracies in the data, or incomplete data due to more recent developments or events, used to produce the exclusion lists.

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