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Commercial mortgages can provide a compelling, income-focused total return. With the inclusion of conventional, conventional plus and high yield mortgages, RBC Commercial Mortgage Fund offers easy access across the mortgage risk spectrum.

Why invest in commercial mortgages?

Enhance yield

Can offer a meaningful yield pick-up over government and investment-grade corporate bonds.

Diversify your portfolio

Typically have a favourable risk/return profile and a low correlation to other asset classes like stocks and bonds.

Preserve capital

Reduce credit risk as mortgages are tied to tangible and mostly income-producing assets.
  • Focuses on preserving capital and delivering consistent value-add across varied market environments and cycles.

  • Provides breadth and diversification to manage mortgage-specific risk. Underlying funds include PH&N Mortgage Pension Trust, PH&N Conventional Plus Mortgage Fund and PH&N High Yield Mortgage Fund.

  • Applies a quality-biased, long-term approach by investing in mortgages held to maturity.

  • Draws on more than 45 years of combined investment experience among the members of our Mortgage Investments team.

  • Takes advantage of a robust network of mortgage origination and servicing partners.

Our mortgage investment process

Origination strategy

Focuses on portfolio construction and setting origination guidance.

Credit analysis

Drives individual investment decisions. Includes an assessment of property-specific and borrower-specific ESG risk factors.

Deal structuring

Mitigates risk through negotiation of individual mortgage terms and structure, unique to each investment decision.

Risk management

Takes a proactive approach throughout the life of each mortgage. Data-driven insights inform the team’s origination strategy moving forward.
rbc commercial mortgage investment process


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A simple way to invest in a well-diversified portfolio of commercial mortgages