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​RBC Global Fixed Income & Currencies Team

A proven investment process, a robust risk-management culture

PH&N Fixed Income Team

Collaborative investment process

BlueBay Fixed Income Team

Fixed income specialists providing progressive investment solutions

RBC Portfolio Solutions Team

A disciplined approach to asset allocation and comprehensive lineup of multi-asset portfolios

​RBC North American Equity Team

Rigorous fundamental research identifies companies able to achieve consistent results through various market conditions

RBC Global Equity Team

In today's world of diverse industries, regions and markets, identifying great businesses requires a diligent and structured approach

RBC Emerging Markets Equity Team

​Deep, disciplined security selection and risk management, combining top-down thematic views with rigorous company-level research

RBC Quantitative Investments Team

A systematic approach to equity investing that incorporates large amounts of data to build a range of portfolios covering various regions

​PH&N Canadian Equity Team

​A collaborative, disciplined investment process focused on deep fundamental research

​RBC U.S. Growth Equity Team

Focus on high-quality U.S. mid-cap growth companies

​RBC U.S. Value & Core Equity Team

A focus on best ideas stock selection in U.S. small and mid-cap core and value businesses

​RBC European Equity Team

​A focus on rigorous fundamental research to identify European businesses with strong and sustainable levels of profitability and low capital intensity

​RBC Asian Equity Team

Consistent empirical processes designed with a longer-term view to investing in quality companies

​RBC Real Estate Team

Alternative asset class with attractive profile

RBC GAM Responsible Investment team