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In this section, you will find the proxy voting records for RBC Funds, BlueBay Funds, PH&N Funds, RBC Private Pools and RBC ETFs (the “Funds”) which hold voting securities. The Proxy Voting Search function allows you to see the proxy voting record of the Funds you choose. For funds that are sub-advised for RBC GAM, proxy voting is conducted in accordance with the proxy voting policies and procedures of the sub-advisor.

You can search by fund name, company name or meeting date. Use the fund search to see a list of companies held by the selected Fund and the meetings at which the Fund exercised its voting rights. Search by company name or ticker to see the issues on which shareholders voted at the meeting and how the Fund voted. Use the meeting date search to see the proxy voting records of all of the Funds which held voting securities, for meetings held during a specific period.

Proxy Voting Search

Some RBC Funds and PH&N Funds, hold units of other mutual funds (the "underlying funds"). Unlike companies, mutual funds do not have annual shareholder meetings, but they may hold unitholder meetings from time to time, at which unitholders of the fund are entitled to exercise voting rights. If one of the RBC Funds or PH&N Funds holds units of an underlying fund managed by a third party and is entitled to vote at a unitholder meeting, RBC Global Asset Management will exercise those voting rights in the best interests of the Fund. The manner in which the voting rights were exercised will be published on this page. If the underlying fund is managed by RBC Global Asset Management or an affiliate, then the voting rights will be passed through to unitholders.