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Terms and conditions for Canada

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Series A

No-load funds with low investment minimums (typically $500 per fund). These funds pay management fees to RBC GAM. A portion of the management fee is paid by RBC GAM as a trailing commission to the dealer for investment advice and other services.

Series F

No-load funds available to investors who have a fee-based account. Instead of paying for advice and other services via a trailing commission, investors pay ongoing account fees to their dealer separately. These funds pay management fees to RBC GAM.

Advisor series

Available to investors primarily through full-service investment dealers. These funds pay management fees to RBC GAM. A portion of the management fee is paid by RBC GAM as a trailing commission to the dealer. Investors choose a sales charge option when they buy Advisor Series funds: initial sales charge, low-load sales charge or back-end sales charge.

Series D

No-load funds available to do-it-yourself investors, through RBC Direct Investing, other discount brokerages or clients who invest with PH&N Investment Services on or before January 9, 2017. These funds pay management fees to RBC GAM. A portion of the management fee is paid by RBC GAM as a trailing commission to the dealer. Since self-directed investors choose to manage their own investments, the trailing commission is typically lower than other series and covers the price of portfolio management and service.

Series T

No-load funds designed for investors wishing to draw regular tax-efficient income from their non-registered investments. Series T aims to pay consistent distributions each month. These funds pay management fees to RBC GAM. A portion of the management fee is paid by RBC GAM as a trailing commission to the dealer.

Series H/I

Available to investors who invest and maintain the required minimum balance with authorized dealers. Units of these funds are not available for purchase by new investors, existing investors who hold Series H or I units can continue to make additional investments into the fund.

Series O

Available to individuals, institutional clients or dealers who have entered into an agreement directly with RBC GAM to purchase Series O units. No management fees are payable by the fund in respect of Series O units. Unitholders of Series O units pay a negotiated fee directly or indirectly to RBC GAM.

Please consult your advisor and read the prospectus or Fund Facts document before investing. There may be commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses associated with mutual fund investments. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated.

Fund code: RBF700

Who is this fund for?

Investors who:
  • are seeking to invest in bonds as a way to diversify an equity portfolio
  • are seeking a combination of income and modest capital growth potential
  • are prepared to fully participate in both bond market upturns and downturns, as the fund is generally fully invested
  • are planning to hold their investment for the medium-to-long term

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Portfolio analysis

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* Distributions are characterized into income type at year-end.

Investment Performance Snapshot

View the historical performance of our investment solutions by building a portfolio or comparing individual funds to one another.
Use this tool

* The information presented represents how the investment team generally applies their investment processes under normal market conditions. Please read this interesting link.

** Asia market entails liquidity risk due to the small markets and low trading volume in many countries. In addition, companies in the region tend to be volatile and there is a significant possibility of loss. Furthermore, because the strategy concentrates in a single region of the world, performance may be more volatile than a global strategy.