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Keeping your life ​​​​​​​(and savings) in balance

It may not be as hard as you think to set a plan … and stick to it


We’ve all been there. We create a budget that includes all of our monthly expenses, allocate a portion for a vacation or other savings goal, and include a certain amount for our longer-term savings needs.

And then reality sets in. Our after-tax income barely covers our monthly expenses and there’s hardly any money left for the pleasures in life. There are, however, a few simple actions that can go a long way towards balancing the lifestyle we want with our need to save ​​​​​​​for a comfortable future.

Putting it all together in a meaningful way allows you to stay on track once you set the plan. For example, think about dividing up your take-home pay and allocating a percentage of a dollar earned towards each budget category. Again, consider something realistic – 60% of each dollar going to living expenses and debt repayment, 15% to a savings and emergency fund, 10% to retirement savings, and 15% to discretionary spending. Once you find the right balance, your budget can evolve accordingly.

It’s important to note that everyone’s life and financial situation is different, so you’ll want to create a sound and reasonable saving strategy that meets your needs.

For more tips on how to keep your life and savings in balance, talk ​​​​​​​to your financial advisor.

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